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#FIUBCN 2019

Join us for the fourth edition of #FIUBCN, this year hosted at CaixaForum Barcelona, one of the city’s most important and dynamic cultural venues. This new edition of the #FIUBCN festival is our largest held so far with a selection of more than 60 artists who are part of our greater community of emerging creatives. And as always, FIU will remain faithful our successful formula for all our events: 50% Leisure + 50% Learning.

This large-scale forum allows for varied programs with talks and artistic performances. Experience the classical piano concert of the young Marta Cascales Alimbau (presented by acqustic), the live set of the promising Claus Vega (presented by Loom Festival), exhibitions (presented by Vanguard Grafic), artistic installations, a creative market, a live painting by the artist Ale Alonso and even an itinerant recording studio: FIU RADIO.

#FIUBCN2019 is the event designed for anyone who wants to stay up on new creative trends. We look forward to fun and informative evening with you.

Evento Anterior: 6 de septiembre
Evento Posterior: 13 de septiembre